Simple, specific, functional.
This is how we communicate and this is how we design.

We are there for you, from the working sketch to the first glass of champagne on your sofa.

Choose professionalism.

Do you know everything? Neither do we. However, we are experts in interior design. Many years of experience and extensive technical knowledge allow us to create unique projects and original solutions. By choosing us, you will avoid stress, difficult questions from contractors and costly mistakes. You will be sure that your apartment will not only be beautiful, but also functional and timeless.

Our secret?

We ask the right questions, putting the people for whom we create first. We do not follow temporary trends, but design timeless interiors. In our designs, we use noble and natural materials that will stand the test of time. We express diversity and beauty in simplicity. The quality of our work is confirmed by our projects, which are difficult to distinguish from design visualizations, and a group of satisfied customers.

Our team

Teamwork is the essence of TORGA Design Studio. In our office you will meet not only experienced and creative designers, but also a committed client contact and project management team. We believe that the real value lies not only in the projects we implement for you, but also in the relationships we build with you – our clients.