Starting point

The first stage is getting to know the client and the project. We define goals, assumptions and collect information needed to create an offer. We analyze the provided floor plans and functional and stylistic requirements. This is the moment when we build the foundations of our work to start the project on solid foundations.

Feature design

At this stage, we create 2-3 views that show the functional layout of the space. We illustrate the proposed wall movements, furniture and equipment arrangements, along with basic dimensions. Additionally, we prepare preliminary mood boards that show the color and functional assumptions of the project. This is the moment when our ideas take form and inspire subsequent design stages.


contains the basic package


During the meetings, we talk about colors, materials and inspirations. We discuss needs and indicate the direction we will follow in the design process. We create a moodboard and help you choose solutions tailored to your needs.


We create interior visualizations based on the approved functional plan and mood board. We present the client with a complete set of visualizations and the main elements of the interior design. At this stage, our concepts become reality and all the works take on an individual character.


includes a concept package

Executive workshop

We translate our findings into technical language. We create working drawings including designs of partition walls and door openings as well as projections with the arrangement of suspended ceilings. The documentation is accompanied by a staircase design with a description of the finishing materials for the steps and railings. Moving on, we determine the colors of the rooms and decorative elements. We create detailed kitchen and bathroom designs as well as floor plans with the location of water, sewage and electrical installations. At this stage, we also create working drawings of furniture and custom-made elements. Accurate documentation provides the necessary information and constitutes a solid basis for the correct offer of construction works and implementation of the project.


We create a shopping list of important interior design elements and indicate where they can be purchased.

The package includes two meetings on the construction site, during which we provide the contractors with the necessary information and answer their questions.

Pre-purchase consultations

If you have any doubts whether it is possible to move a wall to maximize the use of space, how to open up the interior or which apartment to choose from the developer’s offer, make an appointment for a consultation. During a 2-hour meeting, we will discuss the possibilities, provide tips
and support you in this difficult decision-making process.

SCOPE: 2-hour meeting with the designer in the office or online.

Architectural supervision

After completing the design work, it is possible to extend our cooperation to include author’s supervision for the duration of the implementation.

SCOPE: discussion of the project with contractors, verification of implementation works in terms of compliance with the project, solving current design problems, acceptance of works.

If you need to know more, write to us and we will present you a personalized offer.

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